Plane etiquette (that’s right, it’s a thing)

Plane etiquetteHave you ever had that silent battle for the armrest with person next to you on a plane?

Has anyone ever taken so many sleeping tablets that they fall asleep before the plan taxied to the runway and didn’t wake up when you need to use the bathroom? Did you watch in horror as their drool made its way out of their mouth, down their travel pillow and onto your shoulder?

Sadly these scenarios play out all too often on planes; ironically, mostly on long-haul flights. While other forms of public transport are taking steps to reduce the public-ness of public transport—quiet carriages on trains and mobile phone-free buses—air travel is falling behind.

So to avoid further in-flight faux pas, we’ve compiled a list of the top sky-high misdemeanours and violations of aeroplane etiquette. Who are the worst offenders? And more importantly, are you one of them?… Continue reading

Top 5 travel movies

Inspired Adventures top five travel moviesA good tale of adventure has the ability to transport you to another place, another time; where infinite possibilities abound and life is just the time between travels.

So whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next big adventure or simply globetrotting from your couch, our top five travel movies are sure to get the travel bugs nipping at your heels. Continue reading

The Inspired Adventures ‘Energy Ball’

Inspired Adventures energy ballsThis month we took to the kitchen, tied on our aprons and reached for our wooden spoons in an attempt to create something healthy, delicious and fulfilling. What we conjured up was a top secret recipe. But we’re just so excited about it we want to share it with you anyway!…

We present to you… Continue reading