Updates From The Spastic Center in Vietnam! Good Stuff!

This just in from the Spastic Center team in Vietnam. I’m looking for the photos they’ve mentioned and will post asap!

After 4 days of trekking through mud, rain, up and down mossy waterfalls and rock climbing through bamboo forests we made the top of Mount Fansipan!

It was the toughest trek any of us had done, tears, falls, slides through thick mud, but we got there. It was largely due to our 12 porters, two local guides Tuan and Hai. But most of all, it was the shear determination on each and every person, their will power, self courage and all mighty soul searching that got them to the top!.

I have sent through some images via you send it. take a peak at what we endured…..

much love to all,

The Spastic Centre Vietnam Challenge.

ps – we are heading out again this morning to go trekking for two more days, this time not so intense, however, i’m sure our bodies are going to feel every step we take!

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