Angkor Wat Sunrise

The Youngcare Race Across Asia continues…

Angkor Wat (អង្គរវត្ត): 5.5kms north of Siem Reap

Our second day in Cambodia kicked off with sunrise at Angkor Wat on a warm, humid morning. Our wake-up calls were scheduled at 4am to ensure we all made the bus and got to the site in time for what was a magical experience and the highlight of the trip so far.

After the sunrise the team were given another Photo Challenge and set off to find three different sections of the temple by identifying them from a photograph. However, this morning there was an additional challenge to meet. The theme for the morning was ‘strength’, so the group had to take a team photo with the three different sections depicting this theme. This challenge could be interpreted in any way and Team NSW were the winners with their photo below showing mental strength. All this before breakfast! 

A winning depiction of mental strength: Amanda, Katie, Jane and Tom

After breakfast, we headed to a 20km stretch of road for the Road Race Challenge – 20kms, as fast as you can, 1st place prize being glory and ten points for your team. It was neck and neck between NSW and QLD for the majority of the race, but in the end the winner was Mark from the QLD Team with Chris (also representing QLD) taking out second place ahead of Gus (NSW).

Winners are grinners: Mark Foley (QLD) takes out the 20km Road Race

The temperature hit the late 30s by midday and humidity was 60% (but felt more like 80) and we still had the hardest part of our cycling ahead of us on a 37km dusty, and rocky track. A decision was made to divert the course to a different section of road and continue riding for a shorter distance. It was still tough – scorching sun, no shade and the heat radiating from the bitumen. But we didn’t come here for an easy ride and we soaked up the challenge.

After a massive day, we headed back to the hotel for showers and massages, before going to dinner at a local restaurant for some local food and some well deserved celebratory drinks. With a bit of karaoke and a Siem Reap nightclub thrown in, I think you can say that Cambodia gave the team a great send off.

So long Cambodia.  Thailand, here we come!

Shannon (Team Escort – Race Across Asia - Monday 16 April 2012)

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3 thoughts on “Angkor Wat Sunrise

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  3. so pleased to see you are alive and not dried up on the jungle path ….do treat this as a mental rest, even a holiday because the bonus is that you won’t have to go to the gym.It is pouring rain in sydney and dry out here. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Vietnam and the beautiful people who live there. xx love Denise.

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