Survival in the Jungle: Thailand

สวัสดี  Sawadee from the jungles of Thailand! The group survived our travel day. After two flights and one bus ride, made it to Pang Soong Lodge, located about an hour drive (50kms) out of Chiang Mai in the mountains of northern Thailand.

Team QLD with their water-proof shelter and jungle feast

We were greeted by our guide James who took us through some survival tips for the next 24 hours. After giving the teams new names – “The Queens” (Queenslanders) and “The Whales” (New South Welshmen) – he put them to work straight away for the Jungle Survival Challenge.

Each team had to make their own shelter, build a fire and prepare and cook their own meal on the fire using bamboo. On the men: eggs, vegetables and rice. The teams also had to make their own cups for drinking water and the plates for serving and bamboo chopsticks for eating the food. Soon everyone was busy building, chopping, sawing, tying and gathering wood for the fire. It was amazing watching everyone pull together as a team and watch the shelters take shape.

It was a close contest. The Whales got points for their food presentation and the amazing architecture of their shelter (see photo below). Their attempted omlette didn’t quite turn out as planned but was delicious all the same.

Team NSW (with James) showing off their shelter and jungle feast.

The Queens went for boiled eggs instead and in the end were the winners for building the most water proof shelter. Despite the last minute sabotage from the Whales with the ‘rain’ that seemed to come in from the sides (video to follow).

We ended the day with a feast of Thai cuisine and fueled up on rice to get ready for our 4 hour trek tomorrow.

Shannon (Team Escort – Race Across Asia - Wednesday 18 April 2012)


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