Team Amnesty Take on NY

Amnesty International ING New York Marathon 2013 Inspired Adventures

From the team…

“People told me that running and finishing this race is an awesome experience. They totally underrated it. I almost cried with elation. Not the best time but ran non-stop and barefoot the whole way. Even gave a bloke with severe shin splints a shoulder to the finish line.”

– John Dobbin, Team Amnesty 2013 NYC Marathon 4:35h

Congratulations Team Amnesty!

9:14am Mon (SYD)/17:14pm Sun (NYC)

Team Amnesty have successfully completed the 2013 ING New York City Marathon! On a clear, cool and windy day, Team Amnesty joined more than 45,000 other excited runners at the starting line at the southern tip of Staten Island. Cheered on by approximately 2 million spectators, our team hit the streets to help Amnesty International fight injustice and defend human rights.

This is an amazing achievement and each runner should be very proud of their race and their fundraising journey. We know we are! Stay tuned for more photos and to hear from the team – we think they deserve a little rest first!

Amnesty International Inspired Adventures Sarah Symes Congratulations Cartoon New York Marathon

Smiles from the Team Amnesty cheer squad

2:00am Mon (SYD)/10:00am Sun (NYC)

Kristen from Inspired Adventures and Amanda from Amnesty International Australia are all smiles on the sidelines to cheer on Team Amnesty.

Amnesty International Inspired Adventures Kristen (IA) and Amanda (Amnesty) Waiting Before the Race New York City Marathon

Amnesty update

2:47pm Fri (SYD)/23:47pm Thu (NYC)

Team Amnesty are all ghouled… we mean glammed up for Halloween in New York City ahead of their marathon adventure.

Amnesty International Inspired Adventures  Amnesty Halloween  New York City Marathon

Thu 31 Oct: The big day is almost here!

Today Team Amnesty spent the afternoon at the Amnesty International offices in New York City, learning about current campaigns the US are working on to protect human rights and fight injustice around the world.

Amnesty International Australia Inspired Adventures Anmesty 2014 NYC Marathon Team at NYC Amnesty offices New York Marathon

Pre-marathon buzz

Follow Sarah’s Big Apple Adventure!

Amnesty International Inspired Adventures Sarah Symes Tweet from NYC New York Marathon






Amnesty International and the 2013 ING New York City Marathon

This year, we are proud to have a passionate team of Amnesty International runners in the 2013 ING New York City Marathon. Team Amnesty will take to the streets of New York City to help Amnesty International fight injustice and defend human rights.

Right now, people just like you, face human rights abuses, discrimination, violence, imprisonment, torture and even death. Their crime is usually something we take for granted everyday – the freedom of speech, religion, politics or love.

Follow Team Amnesty as they pound the pavement in the Big Apple to defend the rights of men, women and children around the world. Support Team Amnesty!


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International Marathons

Get running in 2014 & 2015

Having initially secured 10 highly-sought after places in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon, Inspired Adventures is pleased to announce that we have additional places available to run for a cause you are passionate about.

Take to the starting line in London in 2014 for the following charities:


Places are limited and highly sought after. Entry into the public ballot for the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon has now closed so we offer you the chance to dust off your running shoes and download the latest training app – the finish line in London is yours for the taking!

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Don’t fancy running in London? No problem. We have also added more international marathons to our Inspired Running menu:


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Contact Georgi with your Expression of Interest for any of the above marathons. Places are guaranteed to go quickly.

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London Marathon 2013

Sun. 21 Apr: They came, they ran, they conquered!

With five minutes left on the 21st of April 2013, I feel I’m just in the knick of time to debrief on what was an incredible day.  Team Inspired Adventures Virgin London Marathon 2013 were up bright and early at 7am prepped and ready to hop on an 8am bus to the start line, where there would be no escape!  The sun was shining, the sky was bluer than blue, and spirits were high.  ”We’ve come this far, may as well run the bloody thing,” Anita told us.  Some brilliant wisdom as the day began to unfold.

At 9:45am the starting horn sounded and the runners were away!  I was leading up the cheer squad, which was perched excitedly just before the 12-mile marker with flags, blow horns, and inflatable hands that were all the rage with the 36,000 runners.  All of our “kit” was, of course, emblazoned with the Australian flag.

Our runners zoomed past us one at time.  The first person we were able to catch a glimpse of was Udit, who was on fire in the first half.  After him came Carlo who was in such a zone, he ran right past us and told everyone over dinner that he didn’t even realize it was his wife and the cheer squad!

They were followed by Michael, who became the Inspired Adventures all-time greatest fundraiser, topping $50,000 while running in memory of his wife for Leukemia Foundation.  After Michael we saw Melissa and Martelle but somehow missed Anita and Lorraine.  They may have been hidden behind the giant fire hydrant, rhino costume, or gingerbread man!

The whole team regrouped this evening for a celebratory drink and dinner.  They recounted war stories before dozing off at the table around 8pm.  A classy bunch!  It was a day like no other and writing as someone who ran the London Marathon in 2012, this is an event that certainly tops the list of life experiences.

So, what are you waiting for?  Isn’t it time to sign up for team 2014?

Fri. 19 Apr: Getting ready to run!

Our 2013 London Marathon team have arrived and are resting up and preparing themselves for the big race on Sunday. Here’s a weather update from the organisers:

Inspired Adventures and the 2013 Virgin London Marathon

This year, we are proud to have 12 runners in the Virgin London Marathon. They are representing Cure Cancer Australia Foundation,the Leukaemia Foundation and Variety, the Children’s Charity. Collectively our 12 runners have raised $165,000 for these great charities.

Team Fundraising pages:

The London Marathon starts at 9:30am on Sunday 21 April 2013 (London time). Inspired Adventures will be tweeting updates from around 6pm on Sunday evening (Sydney time). Join us online using the following Twitter handles/hashtags:

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