How hiking heals by Sarah Wilson

How hiking heals by Sarah WilsonHiking is my default travel raison d’etre.

When you travel solo, you have to create an ultimate purpose.

Couples and groups of friends have shared experiences and the very process of negotiating and compromising becomes a motivating and guiding raison d’etre in and of itself. It creates boundaries.

When you’re on your own you can literally do whatever you want. So you have to reign things in and create a framework of purpose. It needs to be a framework that can stand up to the loneliness of moments, and the most angst-ridden existential meltdowns. Hiking does this. It also does more. As I say, it tames and heals any dis-ease, whether it be illness, angst, pain, longing, frustration or imbalance. Here’s how…

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Peru Challenge 2015

Cancer Council NSW and Baker IDI Peru ChallengeAbout the Peru Challenge 2015

Two teams of Inspired Adventurers will unite to take on the Peru Challenge 2015. Together they will trek to the heart of the ancient Inca Empire, along the legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Supporting Baker IDI and Cancer Council NSW, they have raised vital funds for more life-saving research into heart disease and diabetes, and to empower and mobilise the NSW community to beat cancer, respectively. Continue reading

7 essential travel gadgets

7 essential travel gadgets_Inspired AdventuresYour adventure is planned; now you have access to that very exciting travel accessory aisle.

The latest travel gadgets are designed to enhance your travel experience so you can get the most from your adventure. However, with so many fad gadgets out there, sometimes it’s hard to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies.

Today we’re going to simplify the purchasing process by bringing you the best products to invest in…

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